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Traditional And Laser Acupuncture Clinic In Metro Detroit

Metro Detroit Acupuncture expert, Dr. Hyo S. Kim’s has adopted the use of low-level laser therapy that she unites with assorted kinds of traditional acupuncture. While she has acquired an immeasurable clinical expertise in pain management through acupuncture therapy, she has recently begun introducing this process of low-level laser treatment to her patients with a variety of ailments at her Metro Detroit pain clinic.

Laser Therapy as form of Pain Management Acupuncture

Metro Detroit Acupuncture Clinic And Pain ManagementLaser acupuncture is pain-free and produces no negative side-effects which make it highly attractive to patients as a form of pain management. This incredibly powerful alternative and complementary therapy occasionally goes hand-in-hand with several other common treatments for permanent relief of pain and other conditions. Dr. Hyo S. Kim’s high-tech laser acupuncture makes use of several acupuncture points concurrently on distinct areas of the human body.

This instantly produces a heightened amount of oxygen supply and ATP generation within the tissue’s metabolism.  This incredible new pain management procedure is an anti-inflammatory process that improves the immune-system, instantly improves blood circulation, and actively repairs tissue thus alleviating the pain of Dr. Hyo S. Kim’s Metro Detroit pain clinic patients.

Medically Proven Laser Treatment

Even though low-level laser (red) treatment originated in Russia around 30 years past, an improved tool (infrared, red, green, blue and now yellow) was launched into therapeutic acupuncture among acupuncture clinics in Europe in 2001 and in America shortly after in 2007. Low-level laser beams (500 – 650 mW) could be utilized on the body, skull or ear to stimulate these points.  Doctor M. Weber of Weber Medical in Germany, the developer of Weberneedle products, indicated that these devises result in a heightened degree of oxygen supply in addition to the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) within the tissue metabolism.  Laser treatment is now a widely sought-after pain management procedure actively pursued by Metro Detroit acupuncture clinic patients as a supplement to their traditional needle acupuncture therapy.

Metro Detroit Laser Acupuncture And Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Pain Management Clinic

A number of the overall effects of laser treatment therapy as a supplement to conventional acupuncture for pain management include the following:

  • Improvement of immunologic activity in the body as a result of anti-inflammatory effects;
  • Stimulation of interferon, interleukins, TNF-alpha and of the propagation of lymphocytes;
  • Enhancement of the antioxidant enzymatic process with anti-toxic properties;
  • Stabilization of cell membrane potential; and
  • Positive responses in tissue such as decongestion, pain mitigation, better flow of blood and tissue repair.

The clinical observations of Dr. Hyo S. Kim’s Metro Detroit acupuncture clinic patients suggest that traditional acupuncture therapy can effectively be accompanied by laser application.  Furthermore, many of her pain clinic patients actually favor this type of laser treatment over conventional needle acupuncture because it is painless and more effective overall.

Traditional pain clinics may provide some relief of pain symptoms, but visit us, your local Metro Detroit acupuncture clinic, to experience this revolutionary laser treatment that can assist in real, pain-free living and act as a supplement to your traditional pain management regimen today!

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