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Safe And Medically Proven Acupuncture Clinic In Rochester Hills MI

Rochester Hills, MI, acupuncture expert, Dr. Hyo S. Kim, has adopted the use of low-level laser therapy that she joins with a variety of traditional kinds of acupuncture. While she has acquired a vast clinical expertise in pain management through acupuncture therapy, she recently implemented the practices of low-level laser use on her pain clinic patients with an assortment of types of pain and disorders.

Rochester Hills Laser Acupuncture Therapy

Rochester Hills Chinese Acupuncture And Laser Acupuncture Pain Management ClinicLaser acupuncture is pain-free and contains no negative side-effects making it highly preferred for Rochester Hills, MI, pain management patients. This incredibly successful alternative and complementary therapy typically acts in conjunction with other conventional treatments for permanent relief of pain and other ailments. Dr. Hyo S. Kim’s revolutionary laser acupuncture makes use of numerous acupuncture points concurrently with distinct areas of the human body.

This instantly creates an elevated number of oxygen supply and ATP generation within the tissue’s metabolism.  This impressive, revolutionary procedure acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that boosts the immune-system, instantly improves blood flow and begins to repair tissue which alleviates pain and can result in a more rapid recovery.

Medically Proven Laser Acupuncture Treatment

Rochester Acupuncture And Laser Acupuncture Pain Management

While the low-level laser (red) treatment was created in Russia some 30 years ago, an improved apparatus (infrared, red, green, blue and now yellow) was introduced into acupuncture clinics in Europe in 2001, in the United States in 2007 and now right here in Rochester Hills, MI. Low-level laser beams (500 – 650 mW.) can now be utilized on the body, skull or ear, thereby stimulating these points. Dr. M. Weber of Weber Medical in Germany, who produced Weberneedle products, suggests that they result in an increased degree of oxygen supply in addition to adenosine triphosphate (ATP) generation within the tissue metabolism.

A number of the overall effects of laser acupuncture treatment are the following:

  • Anti-inflammatory characteristics which enhance immunologic activity within the body;
  • Stimulation of interferon, interleukins, TNFalpha and of the growth of lymphocytes;
  • Enhancement of antioxidant enzymatic method with anti-toxic effects;
  • Normalization of cell membrane potential; and
  • Positive reactions in tissue such as decongestion, ease of pain, improved blood flow and tissue repair.

The clinical studies on Rochester Hills, MI, Dr. Hyo S. Kim’s patients indicate the effectiveness of laser use and its ability to complement standard acupuncture treatment in her pain clinic.  In truth, the majority of her pain management patients actually favor laser acupuncture treatment over conventional needle procedures because of its painless and prompt results.

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