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“… I initially began seeing Dr. Kim for relief of a herniated disc in the L5 vertebrate in my back. I returned to see her after a car accident in December 2010. I sought relief from acupuncture because physical therapy and pain medicine did not help, and the doctor’s next step was to administer cortisone injections, which I wanted to avoid. After several sessions with Dr. Kim, the inflammation and pain subsided, and I am still pain free to this day…”
~ Sandra, L. Macomb, MI

“…Laser IV treatments have also been administered to us for most months last year and partially this year, due to us relocatin to Arizona when our home sells. This treatment is the most powerful pain aid we have found. And it’s not just pain but it helps healing, preventively, in many ways. We have experienced improved eyesight, lowered PSA values, improved libido, blood tests improvement, and generally more energy – all on top of the body pain reduction. Thanks to this treatment my recent visit to Beaumont showed a clean heart and arteries in my body – medical field was in awe. Our holistic and MD check-ups continue to show unthinkable improvements – i.e. my urinary and kidneys were stressed but now are clean. No medical explanation. In summary this single treatment type is the most effective AND preventative kind we have found…”
~ Mark, A. Grosse Ile, MI

“… I have had back pain for quite a few years and have been on pain medications for it. I have had steroid shots in my back and have been to many pain doctors for it. One doctor wanted to do surgery on my spine and my wife said no. It would have cost us a fortune. Dr. Kim has made my back feel a lot better with her acupuncture and she is so much cheaper than getting surgery…”
~ Dieter, G. Troy, MI

“… I have gone to 5 pain doctors and 2 pain clinics. I started out with bad shoulder pain in 2011. I kept going to doctor after doctor after doctor, and all they did was X-ray my shoulder, give me some shots, and give me some prescriptions for pain, ect. The last doctor said I needed MRI’s, bone scans, ect. These were outrageous in price. They told me I needed surgery on my rotator cuff. The last doctor said I had a massize tear in my rotator cuff and that was in July 2011. They told me, “You need surgery. There’s nothing else that will take the pain away.” I did not want surgery because of the therapy appointments, and many times surgery doesn’t even help. Plus the cost for surgery is expensive. I started seeing Dr. Kim in February of 2012. I can now do anything. The pain is so minimal it’s unbelievable. I have my life back…”
~ Beverly, G. Sterling Heights, MI

“…all the thing Dr. Kim has successfully treated us for over the past decade. Mike’s first lumbar disc strain & sprain, sciatica, lateral epicondylitis of left elbow, ankle arthritis, hay fever, occupational asthma and hypertension. I have experienced remarkable relief from lumbago, left and right should adhesive capsulitis, menopausal syndrome, cervical muscle spasms, left and right heel spurs, eczema under breasts, hypothyroidism, sinusitis, myopia, presbyopia, poison ivy that had internalized and spread to a secondary bacterial infection and migraine headaches. I think the most incredible thing Dr. Kim’s treatments did for me was cure me of my long standing sugar addiction. This cure lead to a healthy weight loss, which also helped alleviate some of my ailments, listed above. We feel better and have more energy than when in our thirties!

My parents, Shirley Louise (age 81) and Steffie Ray (age 85), seeing our positive results, started seeing Dr. Kim. Since 2010, they have seen Dr. Kim an average of twice a month. Like us, they have had amazing results. Shirley has experienced relief from left shoulder adhesive capsulitis, lumbar spine degeneration, presbyopia and thoracic paravertebral myospasm. Steffie has had remarkable relief of lumbar arthritis, knee arthritis, hip muscle spasms, diabetes, hypertension, and we’re especially grateful for improvements we are seeing in his Alzheimer’s following treatments…”
~ Susan, S. Bloomfield Hills, MI

“…In August 1999, I went into the hospital for a complete knee replacement on my left leg.

The surgery left me with some physical problems that no one had an explanation for the cause. On my own I went to see a Physical Medical doctor, and was placed in physical therapy to see if the therapy would solve my problem. After two years pf [hysical and water therapy, I still could not walk without a cane or a walker. At the end of the two years, the doctor told me that there was no more that she could do for me and there had evidently been nerve damage that took place during or after the surgery.

At that time I had limited movement in my right hip making it difficult to walk. Looking around for another solution, I decided to try acupuncture and made an appointment with Dr. Kim. With regular acupuncture treatments, I eventually regained movement in my right hip.

I also have fibromyalgia and deal with daily pain and frequent muscle spasms. The acupuncture I receive every two weeks is very effective in releasing the muscle spasms and helps with the pain.

The laser treatments and acupuncture treatments I receive from Dr. Kim help with fibromyalgia, vision problems and allergies. Two years ago, after being on allergy shots for 30 years, my allergist discontinued my shots and told me to use over the counter allergy meds as needed…”
~ Janice, W. Warren, MI

“…I have been a patient of Doctor Hyo S. Kim for several years. During this time, Dr. Kim with the use of acupuncture has reduced the level of pain in my left knee, and my right shoulder to the point that I am close to leading a pain free existence without the help of medication. In my opinion, I support the use of other alternatives, such as acupuncture, in improving the well-being of individuals…”
~ James, W. Utica, MI

“… I started acupuncture with Dr. Kim in August 2012. My left foot had been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis in September 2011 by my podiatrist. I tried steroids, cortisone shots, exercise and therapy to relieve the ongoing pain, but nothing worked. A friend who had severe back pain recommended Dr. Kim. I went to Dr. Kim and instantly felt some relief. After going to Dr. Kim I am pain free. Not only has she healed the pain in my foot, but she has also improved the quality of my life. I am very thankful to have Dr. Kim as my doctor…”
~ Amy, A. Romeo, MI

“… I have been a patient of Dr. Hyo S. Kim for six months. In that short period of time I have taken control of my diabetes, lost weight and have stopped taking painkillers. Prior to Dr. Kim’s treatments, I spent six years seeing a Rheumatologist, a Chiropractor and a Physical Therapist. I still had chronic pain in my lower back and feet. Thanks to Dr. Kim I am now able to function as a healthy human being. …”
~ Carol, S. Sterling Heights, MI

“…I came to you when my pain was so bad in my legs, that I could barely get out of the car. After some treatments I was fully mobile, not to mention other problems I had as well, that you improved. You are not just a doctor who heals, but a doctor that has compassion and truly cares about their patients well being. I feel honored to have met you and have had you treat me. May God bless you and all your future endeavors…”
~ Ann, G. Warren, MI

“… I was pregnant with my second child and was having pain in my feet as a results of the pregnancies. After I had my second, I went to another doctor and he just gave me some pain relievers. Well that didn’t help. Now I happily drive an hour from down river to Dr. Kim’s office and in just two treatments, I’ve noticed an almost complete improvement. This stuff really does work, it’s amazing. I was very impressed with the professional service and her expertise as a medical doctor. I recommend her as a trusted healthcare professional…”
~ Donna, Southeast Michigan

“… In the winter of 2010 I couldn’t turn my neck. ….. I have been seeing Dr. Kim for 2 years now, and I have full mobility of my neck, and was able to avoid a potentially risky, and extremely serious surgery. I feel that Dr. Kim was only person I met with who truly took the time to evaluate my case, and provide me relief…”
~ Cindy, H. Troy, MI

“… Dr. Kim was able to reduce swelling (on my broken foot) through acupuncture so that when surgery was performed, there were few side effects. Acupuncture was performed on my sinuses. I had to breathe through my mouth. This changed markedly with vastly improved breathing following acupuncture treatment. With laser treatment, my blood pressure dropped dramatically…”
~ Edward W. Sterling Heights, MI